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submission guidelines

To facilitate peer-review, we kindly request you to prepare your submission according to the following guidelines:

  1.   Lectio accepts submission from graduate students only.

  2.   All manuscripts must either be in English or Filipino (Tagalog) ranging from 4,000-6,000 words accompanied by a 250-word abstract in English with 3-6 key   words. All non-English words except for those accepted in the English vocabulary should be italicized.
3.   Manuscripts must be prepared for blind review. Author’s name and institutional affiliation must not appear in the entire manuscript. In citing one’s own work, please delete that reference and place <author’s reference> in lieu of the actual citation.
4.   When submitting, a separate sheet must contain the following information:
a.   Author’s information
i.   Complete name (including middle initial)
ii.   Institutional affiliation
iii.   E-mail address
e.g.   Juan I. dela Cruz
Department   of Philosophy, University of Santo Tomas
b.   Title of submission
c.   Abstract (maximum of 250 words)
d.   Key words (3-6)
  5.   Lectio adheres to the 16th edition of Chicago style for references.
a.   Use footnotes instead of endnotes or parenthetical citations using the automated numbering system than manual superscripts as note references.
b.   Closing quotation marks should be placed after the punctuation.
c.   The first mention of a reference must contain the entire information. Subsequent references may be shortened with at least author, title, and page   number/s.
d.   For online journals, include the DOI when available.
e.   For specific examples, please consult:
  6.   The entire manuscript must be set to 2.0 line spacing, 12-point font size, and Times New Roman. Quotations exceeding four lines should take a smaller font (10), single-spaced with a left indent. Margins are set to normal (1” around).

7.   Contributions must be sent in Word format (.doc or .docx)
  8.   Submit your paper as an email attachment to with the title “Article submission”. The email should contain three attachments:
a.   Manuscript prepared for blind review
b.   Abstract with author’s information (no. 4 above)
c.   Updated curriculum vitae
By submitting your manuscript, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions of Lectio’s publication ethics. Your manuscript must not be under   consideration in another journal when it is currently under review by Lectio. Lectio does not charge any fee for the publication process.
Lectio: A Graduate Journal of Philosophy
UST Graduate School | Department of Philosophy
University of Santo Tomas
Manila, the Philippines
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