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publication ethics

Lectio is committed to meet the highest ethical standards in terms of research and academic publication and thus outlines the following responsibilities:

The Editorial Board
The Editorial Board accepts, rejects, or recommends a manuscript for revision or even re-submission based chiefly on the recommendations of nominated referees and informs authors of the decision of their submission. During review process, information about the manuscript remains confidential until the final decision has been arrived at. The Board may choose to reject a paper that violates certain legal provisions such as but not limited to copyright and libel.

The Referee
The referees are considered specialists in their respective disciplines and primarily contribute to the editorial board's decision to accept, reject, or revise manuscripts based on their objective assessments or recommendations. During a manuscript’s review, a referee must maintain the process’ confidentiality and objectively assess the paper based on its academic merit without any bias to the author’s race, sexual orientation, gender, religious views or political orientations.

The Author
The authors should prepare the manuscript for blind review, ensuring its originality while adhering to the journal’s citation standards. They should be mindful that no part of the paper is plagiarized and that it is not currently under review in any other publication avenue, lest immediate rejection from the journal. Publishing with Lectio implies adherence to the journals’ copyright provisions.

Lectio is an open access journal. Copyrights of articles published with the journal remain with their respective authors and may be republished with due acknowledgement of Lectio.

Articles published in Lectio do not necessarily express the views of the Editorial Board.
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