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The Abulad Sanay-Say is a writing workshop that aims to cultivate a tradition of critical writing in philosophy. This looks to Bro. Romualdo E. Abulad, S.V.D, Ph.D. as an exemplar of the critical stance of doing philosophy in the country, who, in his passing, leaves us a stimulating question: Quo Vadis? In our current situation, we dispel illusions that philosophy is a poltergeist that will lead us to be mindful of the critical import of thought's excursions from the usual as part of our arduous philosophical journey. Dr. Abulad affirms this with this admonition against lazy philosophizing. This workshop is part of our response to his challenge. Philosophy thus is not fixed but like writing is a constant exercise, isang patuloy na pagsasanay. It is a craft that is never perfected but is always exercised not to achieve completion but both breadth and width in our respective critiques. Our exercises are exhibited through writings, mga sanaysay, that embody the critical attitude.

Sanay-say is scheduled for September in commemoration of Br. Abulad's birth month.

about the journal

Lectio is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed and open access journal of Philosophy that aims to give graduate students an avenue to develop and publish their philosophic researches. Though primarily intended for philosophy majors, the journal also welcomes submissions from allied disciplines (literature, sociology, history, political science, anthropology, economics, cultural studies, etc.) with pronounced philosophic content.
As a platform for intellectual exchange, Lectio provides a forum for dialogue among MA and PhD students to help them cultivate their craft of research as they seek to establish their own voice within academic circles. This journal thus seeks to promote a wide range of philosophical topics aligned with the research thrusts of the Department of Philosophy, to wit:  
• Filipino Philosophy
• Oriental Thought and East-West Comparative Philosophy
• Aristotelian-Thomistic Philosophy and Scholasticism
• Continental European Philosophy
• Contemporary philosophical issues and trends
Lectio publishes annually and is committed to meet the highest standards in graduate research publication. All submissions are therefore subject to a double-blind peer review process.

editorial board

advisory board

Dr.  Jove Jim S. Aguas, Department of Philosophy, UST
Dr. Paolo A. Bolaños, Department of Philosophy, UST
Dr. Mark Joseph T. Calano, Department of Philosophy, Ateneo de Manila University
Dr. Jovito V. Cariño, Department of Philosophy, UST
Dr. Peter Paul E. Elicor, Department of Philosophy, Ateneo de Davao University
Dr. Christopher Ryan B. Maboloc, Department of Philosophy, Ateneo de Davao University
Dr. Jeffry V. Ocay, Eastern State Visayas University
Dr. Roland Theuas D. Pada, Department of Philosophy, UST
Dr. Raniel SM. Reyes, Department of Philosophy, UST
Dr. Joel C. Sagut, Institute of Religion, UST
Gillian Marian H. Garcia, M.A. Cand.
Anton Heinrich L. Rennesland, M.A.

Associate Editor
Franz Joseph C. Yoshiy II, M.A. Cand.

Managing Editors
Eddielene R. Capili
Patrick Andre C. Mencias, M.A. Cand.

Lectio: A Graduate Journal of Philosophy
UST Graduate School | Department of Philosophy
University of Santo Tomas
Manila, the Philippines
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