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For submission of article for the journal, intention to be a peer-reviewer or referree for the journal, general questions about the journal and blog, submission of entry for the blog, suggestions of theme and general improvement on the site, you may email us through Indicate your intention in the subject of the email.

For updates regarding the journal and the upcoming conferences, please visit our Facebook page, Lectio: A Graduate Journal of Philosophy.
Should you take interest in submitting an article for the journal, please read the submission guidelines.
Should you take interest in submitting an entry for the blog, send your thought pieces to with the following in the subject heading: Vox Entry - (title of thought piece). Include in this email your full name, institutional affiliation, and your thought piece subject for review by the Editorial Board. The thought pieces must be short but thought-provoking with a pronounced philosophic bent of not less than 1,000 but not more than 1,500 words.
Should you take interest in becoming a peer-reviewer or referee, include the following within your email:
  • complete name
  • active email address
  • institutional affiliation and position
  • area of expertise
  • suggested theme to introduce to the journal, if applicable

Lectio: A Graduate Journal of Philosophy
UST Graduate School | Department of Philosophy
University of Santo Tomas
Manila, the Philippines
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